Retail Operations Software Built by Retail Professionals.

Retail operations software built by people that come from retail operations. Our folks remember how painful and tough it was to log, track and resolve issues.


As a result, we’ve built a product that is simply a must-have for any retail business that is drowning in work due to inefficient communication methods and processes. Our core team at Intelocate is composed of those that have an extensive background in retail operations. 


Intelocate gives you the ability to know exactly what each of your locations is up to while giving them the power to report issues very easily and effectively.

Consolidate Your Tech Stack - Do More with Less.

Most companies are looking for retail operations software that can do more for their organization by consolidating their current processes to free up time and save on costs. 


Intelocate was built with both issue reporting and task management functions. Both components are critical to most organizations and it only makes sense to have them in one place.


Our software acts as a centralized database for all of your employees and can be used for almost any functional area. One company, one platform for communication, tasks and issues.

Our Leadership Team

Yulia Vasilyeva - CEO
Tim McLaughlin - VP of Sales
Roman Sadov - CTO
John Gurley - Sr. CSM

In 2015, Yulia started working on the problem of solving problems. Issues brought tasks but tasks didn’t always solve the issues, and sometimes brought more issues. Coming from the telecommunications industry, she was very familiar with telecommunication and retail problems – tracking issues, tracking the tasks and outcomes from those issues and then keeping track of who was solving which issues and when. 


In 2017, Intelocate was born, tracking tasks and who-was-doing-what-task. From there, it was only a matter of time before we were tracking issues, incorporating communication in the platform. (is there another way?)


Today, we’re an all in one platform that tracks issues, tasks, who is doing what, and who said what all in one place. Along the way, our customers have taken us with them into 18,000 locations and we’ve been able to make solving issues and tasks super easy. On average, our customers report saving 2.5 hours a day solving problems. 


Intelocate is used in telecommunications companies, retail outlets, security and property management amongst other things. If you have problems to solve and need communication to do it, we’d love to help!