Canadian Tech Startup gains largest footprint in the music entertainment retail space


Four countries and 18,000 locations later, Canadian startup Intelocate comes home with a key customer signing.

TORONTO, June 18, 2019 ---- Operations Platform Intelocate is in the entertainment retail business - so to speak. The Canadian, Toronto-based tech startup has signed on to help fellow Canadian-based company Sunrise Records, gaining the largest footprint in the music entertainment retail space. 

“Retailers around the world are all turning to hyperlocal in-store experiences, and the music business is doing that really well by listening to local music preferences and organizing local events. To achieve that, retailers require tools that provide actionable insights into what happens across locations, it is so important to give location teams a voice,” explains Yulia Vasilyeva, Chief Executive Officer at Intelocate.

“We are thrilled to work with Intelocate,” says Chris Dipardo, Vice President of Stores and Operations, at Sunrise. “We saw what they’ve been doing with customers in Europe and in particular, the time savings and operational improvements it provided for HMV Retail UK after we acquired the company. We knew that we would benefit immediately from Intelocate’s expertise to support our ecosystem.

“We’re supporting companies all around the world, we are proud to support a Canadian company with our technology,” says Vasilyeva. Intelocate removes operational obstacles for locations, regional teams, head office, and vendors. “Even more exciting is that the Sunrise Records partnership is giving us the largest market footprint in the music entertainment retail space.” said Vasilyeva.

For organizations that have more than one location, managing the flow of information from each site back to headquarters, and between sites is an ongoing issue. Intelocate empowers head office departments, regional teams, location staff, and even external vendors to coordinate efforts to solve problems by combining the modern, chat-based style of communicating with sophisticated issue and task management.

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About Intelocate

Intelocate launched in May 2017 and already works with over 18,000 locations across the world, helping multi-location businesses, primarily retail, manage activities and issues across locations. 

Intelocate is a Toronto based company that focuses on helping businesses communicate and collaborate on issues between locations. Intelocate is the first operations platform that is specifically designed for the complexity of a multi-location business. To find out more about Intelocate watch their video here.




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