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Great! You’re ready to get a real-time look at how Intelocate can help streamline your organization’s day-to-day operations! We can’t wait to show you what the platform is capable of, and to ensure that your demo is as beneficial as possible, we wanted to provide you with a short checklist to ensure you and your team get the most out of it.

Who Should Attend?

We recommend that as many key stakeholders as possible attend your demo to ensure we can answer as many questions as possible, and showcase the platform in a way that will reflect your organization’s usage.

What Information Should You Prepare?

Our demos tend to be more beneficial if your team is prepared with specific questions, and ideas for how you can implement the platform throughout your organization. Our demo team will provide everything you need to know, so it’s a great opportunity to fill in any gaps.

How Long is the Demo?

It takes us around 60 minutes showcase the platform and answer any questions you and your team might have. If you feel like you might need longer (particularly if you have a large team), we’re happy to accommodate your needs!

How is the Demo Conducted?

We typically use Zoom for our demos, but we’re happy to use any other video conferencing platform that allows for screen sharing.


What Intelocate Customers Say

Having full visibility with one dashboard definitely improves efficiencies!


Retail Support Centre

It’s a 24/7 tool for our stores to log any kind of operations issues.


Ops Manager, Retail

Idiot-proof. I can turn around queries at least 50% faster, if not more.


Retail Ops Manager

It’s a one stop shop – you login once and see everything right away.


Facilities Management


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The Intelocate team is always keeping up to date with the latest developments in multi-location business, and we’re always adding new ideas to help you streamline your day-to-day operations and get the most out of the Intelocate platform

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Blue Link Wireless, one of America’s leading AT&T Authorized Retailers, has partnered with Intelocate, a Toronto-based issue reporting and resolution, task management, and communications platform focused on multi-location businesses. A key aspect of this partnership will see Blue Link Wireless consolidating many of its previously used applications and platforms with Intelocate, a single platform focused on helping multi- location...

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