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Administrator Desktop


Filtering and Sorting Information

Majority of the data in the system can be easily filtered, this video is showing an overview on how to quickly filter and sort issues, locations and people. 


Subscribing to Various Issue Categories

System administrators can subscribe to view and receive emails only about particular issue categories, similar to how departments in the head office separate their work. As example, you can subscribe to only see operational issues if you are in operations or to only see incidents, if you are in the response team.


Managing Users and Locations

 General description on how to add and manage users and locations.


Managing Actions 

Overview on how to manage, view, assingeng, edit and complete Actions. 


Adding Vendors 

How to add new vendors to the system. 


Email Response Feature 

Types of emails that user can respond to in Intelocate. How to reply to Intelocate emails.