Customizable and Feature-Rich Centralized Communications Platform

Intelocate allows businesses to customize their experience in a way that suits the operational needs of their company. Once the framework is added, your teams will be able to use the Intelocate platform with ease to report operational issues and complete delegated tasks.

Here’s an overview of just some of our available features that come standard with Intelocate:

Category Customization

The Intelocate category builder allows you to create a skeleton of operational needs that act as the backbone of the platform. With 3 levels of specificity, your operations teams will be able to build out frameworks that touch any facet of your business with as much or as little detail as desired.


Intelocate has an action-specific messaging system that will separate conversations within the tickets or tasks that have been created. Said differently – there’s no need to text, email, phone, or use any other messaging platform to copy/paste a link of the issue to send to another team member. Intelocate can do the messaging for you. #domorewithless

Custom Reporting

Intelocate comes well equipped with a number of reporting options. Users can create reports on a needed basis or automate them. Our weekly summary reports can track user engagement, aging actions, and more!

Bulk Task Creation

Within minutes, your teams will be able to upload bulk tasks to each location or even a subset of locations. Additionally, the same function can be used for groups of people too! Think of the time you would save if you could send 1 task to all of your locations with the ability to communicate with each one separately (if needed).


Adding vendors and other 3rd parties to Intelocate is very simple to do. In fact, these teams won’t even need to log into the platform (if they choose not to). Instead, they can communicate with your teams via email and all of their messages, attachments, and statuses will automatically sync up with the issue ticket that includes them.

Form Builder

Forms are a fantastic way to ensure that tasks are being completed to your level of standards. Additionally, they can be extremely beneficial when issue tickets are being produced as it forces the user to do their due diligence prior to submitting a ticket. Intelocate’s custom form builder helps to create a higher level of clarity while saving you time each and every day!

The items displayed above are just some of the key features that come standard with Intelocate. Building a centralized communications platform means constantly developing and improving. For our customers, this means falling in love with our current setup and benefitting from continuous improvements!


Most software packages come as they are and provide very little improvement over the years. At Intelocate, we’re always listening to your feedback and adding to our future development roadmap.