What to expect when signing up with Intelocate

Implementing a new piece of software to your organization always comes with its challenges. Fortunately, Intelocate offers a white-glove service to ensure efficient onboarding, with all ongoing support included as standard!

We believe in taking a hands-on approach to onboarding and supporting our clients. With many other solutions, you may need to hire a 3rd party to help with initial setup, integrations, and training. At Intelocate we want to build long lasting relationships, and we do that by creating a trusting environment.

Our success can’t be achieved without the success of our customers. This means properly explaining system logic, assisting with integrations, helping with your setup, offering best practice suggestions, discussing feature enhancements, and being hands-on with training.

John Gurley, Director of Customer Success

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Our Typical Onboarding Process

Although we personalize our onboarding approach to fit the needs of every customer we work with, there is still a fundamental list of items that need to be addressed. Here’s an insight of how we operate…

Requirement Gathering

To kick things off, our Customer Success team will schedule a call with all client stakeholders to gain an understanding about how your organization operates and is structured, the features you’ll require, your internal timelines, and more.

System Configuration

This is the most important step of the onboarding process. Here, we’ll work on defining your required user roles and permissions, task and issue category structure, building custom forms, and creating asset templates.


Depending on your organization’s existing data structure, we can work with you to set up several different APIs to integrate user, location, and KPI data from other sources. Beyond this, Intelocate offers bulk uploading features for uploading user and location data.
More About Integrations

Processes & Automations

Once your organizational structure is built out and your environment is populated with data, we can work with you to create any required automations. For example, you can choose which roles or individuals will receive tickets relating to IT or Operations based events.

Testing & Training

In this phase, you’ll begin creating tasks and issue tickets, checking their assignments, and coaching your teams on what to expect and how to interact with the system. Our team is available help with any necessary training at various levels throughout your organization.

While every business chooses to run a pilot or soft launch, it’s something we strongly recommend. By taking this approach, you can include a single district or region to start using Intelocate, allowing you to tweak any processes on a smaller scale, which will help with initial platform adoption.

Go Live

Once you’re ready to go live, our team is happy to help with any additional training you may need. From here, we’ll schedule regular meetings to ensure your ongoing success and help with any processes, while discussing any feature ideas or improvement suggestions you may have for the platform.


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What Intelocate Customers Say

Having full visibility with one dashboard definitely improves efficiencies!


Retail Support Centre

It’s a 24/7 tool for our stores to log any kind of operations issues.


Ops Manager, Retail

Idiot-proof. I can turn around queries at least 50% faster, if not more.


Retail Ops Manager

It’s a one stop shop – you login once and see everything right away.


Facilities Management

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Intelocate Features

Intelocate is packed full of powerful features to help you streamline your multi-location business – check out some of our key features below.

Create custom categories to track issues across all locations, and assign issues to staff or external partners.
Create custom categories to track issues across all locations, and assign issues to staff or external partners.
All communications are conveniently logged to the relevant task or issue ticket, allowing for full transparency.
In addition to our three key pillars, Intelocate includes a growing suite of features to help streamline operations.

See Intelocate in Action

Wondering if Intelocate is right for your organization?

Let’s book a demo with our team to show you how Intelocate can streamline your day-to-day operations!


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The Intelocate team is always keeping up to date with the latest developments in multi-location business, and we’re always adding new ideas to help you streamline your day-to-day operations and get the most out of the Intelocate platform

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