Simple to use, all-in-one, retail management solution to help you operate your cannabis industry!

The Power of IntelocateCANNABIS®

IntelocateCANNABIS® has been specifically designed as a gatekeeper tool to give you visibility into all of your operations while cutting back on the amount of time it takes to communicate with all of your moving pieces.


Within seconds, you can create bulk tasks and communications that can go out to all of your stores simultaneously. Additionally, Store Managers can create issue tickets that submit to headquarters and Regional Managers which ensures visibility and a smooth resolution process.

IntelocateCANNABIS® is a cloud-based solution with both mobile and desktop user experiences. Both iOS and Android platforms are supported.

Task management and issue resolution at your fingertips!

Our mobile app allows users to easily see which tasks have been assigned to them. This way, you can fill out any necessary details, complete forms, and attach images or documents.


Additionally, IntelocateCANNABIS® has a built-in chat function that allows you to converse with anyone else involved in the current task or issue tickets either as a group or privately.

Save Hours of Time Each Day!

Our incredibly powerful desktop platform allows administrators and managers to create tasks that are assigned to all of your stores within seconds! Within a single window, you’ll have the ability to track completions or overdue tasks with the ability to send out bulk and individual messages to each store manager!

Issue Management

Create custom categories to track issues across all locations and assign issues to internal staff or external partners. Along with sophisticated tracking to keep on top of responses.

Tasks and Projects

Create and monitor tasks and projects that can go out to all of your locations within minutes! The same feature can be used to target specific locations and people.

Digital Checklists

No more paper forms or having to transfer information from one system to another! IntelocateCANNABIS® comes equipped with a built-in form builder that allows for proof of execution, check-lists, incident reports, and much more.

IntelocateCANNABIS® Offers Improved Processes For:

Store Operations

Get full visibility from all departments across each of your dispensaries. Easily assign tasks and receive issue tickets from Store Managers to increase efficiencies and improve communications.


Assign tasks for implementation and completion to all levels of your operations. Proof of execution will be presented in order to ensure that all marketing initiatives are being completed.

Facilities & Maintenance

Increase efficiency by creating recurring facilities and maintenance tasks. External vendors and contractors can be added to the platform to increase communications and visibility.

Supply Chain

Clear, location-specific, insights into any and all supply chain issues and tasks. Store Managers and Employees will become your eyes and ears by giving them the ability to quickly and effectively communicate any and all issues to HQ.

Information Technology (IT)

Descriptive IT-related issue resolution will ensure that all problems are tackled in a step-by-step process designed specifically by your IT team. Use mandatory forms and file attachments to ensure that protocol is being followed.


IntelocateCannabis offers full visibility into all of your stores so that you know who’s on top of all compliance-related tasks and who needs a tap on the shoulder. Additionally, all Store Managers will have any necessary documents on-hand at all times.