Issue and Task Management Software for Professional Services

Intelocate offers any professional services company full visibility into the issues, tasks, and communications across all of your operations.

A Full-Cycle Operations Platform

Using Intelocate means having more visibility and accountability across your entire organization. You’ll have the ability to log and track any issue tickets while setting up one-time or recurring tasks to locations, staff, or external vendors/contractors.


Depending on the nature of your business, Intelocate is designed to be extremely flexible and industry agnostic.

Intelocate Product Highlights for Professional Services Business

Intelocate can be used in a number of different ways. However, here are some common use cases that come from existing Professional Services clientele:

NFC Location Check-Ins

Intelocate has the ability to integrate with NFC technology. This is a great feature for security firms or other businesses that rely on regular automated check-ins. Setting this up is very simple to do!

Custom Reporting

Depending on your contractual obligations with your customers or vendors, Intelocate has a very robust and customizable reporting system. We even have automated weekly summaries that can go out to assigned team members that break down all of your current and aging activities.

Issue Management

Issue management is absolutely crucial for any Professional Services company. As such, Intelocate allows you to completely customize your categories, user roles, and permissions. The result is a transparent system that offers complete accountability for your team and your customers.

Assignment Automation

Based on how you organize your issue categories, certain individuals can automatically be assigned to anything pertaining to a category. For example, anything related to IT would automatically be assigned to that particular team or individual. This is just one small example of how Intelocate can save you time and money.