Intelocate takes efficiency to the next level

Operating multi-location business is hard work

Intelocate's innovative and unique approach to task and issue management will enhance operations and more importantly, save you time and money.

Without Intelocate

  • Different departmental systems
  • Separate departmental processes and needs
  • Tasks, Issues and information falling through the cracks
  • Siloed view of the work
  • Different levels of responsiveness, different priorities
  • A fragmented and complex process for cross departmental sharing
  • People getting contacted for issues that they were never involved in
Resulting in:
  • Difficulty providing seamless service
  • Inefficient day-to-day work - this can take the form of multiple process meetings every week, or a complex file sharing system
  • Lack of visibility for performance across teams / silos / locations / vendors
Without Intelocate

With Intelocate

  • You have a platform that helps companies with multiple locations to optimize their communications, improve performance and reduce costs
  • Brings transparency into the entire operation with the ability to see issue trends and see where things are falling through the cracks
  • Give your teams in different departments an easier, more collaborative, and user-friendly approach to resolving store-level issues, and completing tasks and projects in half the time
  • Reduce processes or procedural meetings, minimize complex file sharing systems
  • Cost effective; Enterprise level sophistication without the cost
With Intelocate

Users of Intelocate


Location Staff

Location staff can use their phones to use the tool to interact with Headquarters. A ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ - articulating any problems or issues they have with a particular program becomes simpler. The ability to see who at HQ is responsible and working on their issue keeps the location engaged - they love the visibility!


Regional/Territory Teams

Regional and territory managers use Intelocate to stay on top of what is happening in their region and can easily follow up on problems that their locations have reported, view status of different assignments from HQ and can create your own tasks for their locations.


Head Office

One department or multiple departments in HQ use Intelocate to stay on top of all issues that are relevant to them across all locations.

Ops teams use Intelocate to create tasks for locations or regional teams. This could be tasks such as:

1 Collecting images of a planned execution,
2 Proof of store audits or Health and Safety checks,
3 Maintenance or operational issues resolution



Managing communications often becomes a blocker for Headquarters and all parties involved. Add a third party like a contractor or vendor and communicating can feel like a full time job.

Intelocate makes lives of vendors and contractors easier. Vendors can choose to interact with intelocate via email or directly in the system. Intelocate automatically provides all the info a vendor needs about the location, the issue or assignment so they can very quickly complete their work without the need to go back and forth with the HQ or location.



Issue Management

Create your own custom categories to track any issues across all locations. Assign issues to the right people for action. It doesn’t matter if the person doing the work is a part of the organization or a third party - Intelocate can track their responses.



Create task and projects for a group of locations or people. Use the task and project outline to apply your best use cases to locations that need improvement.

Collected 1000 images as Proof of Execution? These images are now at your fingertips. Share them with as many people as you want to showcase how well your project worked out.

With photo tagging and comments with one click you can zero in to see only problems or successes.


Digital Checklists/Forms

Get the right information set up the right way so you can consume it easily.

No more paper forms and checklist for audits. No more transferring information from one system to another.

Proof of execution, incident reports, and project checklists are built-in. Powerful tools that have electronic signatures for you to keep track of deliverables.


No More Endless Feeds

Everything related to a particular issue, task, or project is easily accessible and organized in one "Hub", so you never have to scroll through different chats, emails, and text messages to get caught up.


Powerful Reporting

Intelocate’s sophisticated reporting feature allows you to view issues and compare trends in order to see the performance of your entire organization and external parties. Use real-time data to make proactive decisions and enhance your customers’ experiences across locations.


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