Intelocate is Packed with More Features to Streamline Operations

More Features

Intelocate is Always Expanding and Improving

While Intelocate is firmly rooted in our three key pillars of Task Management, Issue Reporting & Resolution, and Centralized Communications, we have continued to expand our platform with additional functionality in order to provide even more ways for organizations to streamline operations.

Our development team is always searching for new ways to extend the platform, and in 2021 alone we pushed out a whopping 206 new features, many of which were the direct result of customer requests.



Responsive to
User Requests


Workflows & Automations

Save time and increase operational efficiency with easily configured Workflows and Automations. This feature allows you to configure issue ticket routing to ensure that every issue ticket reaches the right person or department automatically.

  • Assign Users to Categories as Viewers or Approvers

    Assigned viewers will automatically receive a notification when a ticket is submitted within a specific category, while approvers will be required to verify tasks before they can be marked complete.

  • SLA Automation

    For departments or vendors with SLAs, Intelocate allows you to add an agreed ticket timeline, with automations marking tasks as overdue when the timeline is exceeded.

Form Builder

Intelocate’s powerful form build extends the functionality of tasks and issue tickets in a way that can save countless hours of back-and-forths, helping to resolve issues as efficiently as possible.

  • Gather Additional Information on Issue Tickets

    Forms can be attached to issue tickets asking users to provide additional information to finalize the form submission, such as confirming they have followed troubleshooting guides, or providing photo or video uploads.

  • Conditional Logic

    Conditional logic allows for forms to present different information, or questions, based on user responses. This powerful tool enables the creation of detailed, interactive issue tickets that can, for example, walk users through potential solutions prior to submission.

Detailed Reports

Intelocate allows your management and head office teams to generate detailed reports from any data contained within your workspace, with powerful filters and easy-to-use export options that can save hours per week.
  • Action Reports

    Action reports allow you to generate reports on any category, location, or the organization as a whole – you can get as granular or high level as you like. Once generated, these reports can be exported as CSV files for further processing outside Intelocate.
  • Weekly Reports

    Perfect for generating the data your managers need for weekly huddles, weekly reports can be generated automatically on any day of your choosing, and include data on issue tickets, tasks, and user engagement, as well as overdue actions for that particular week.

Serialized Asset Management

Track the location, status, and tickets relating to any serialized asset within the platform to stay on top of inventory, technology, vehicles, or just about anything with a unique identifier

  • Asset Transfers

    Assets can be assigned to people or locations, making asset transfers simple. Initiate a transfer by filling out an asset transfer form, and when the receiving location/person has marked the process complete, its location is automatically updated within the platform.

  • Weekly Reports

    Issue tickets can be assigned to serialized assets, making it easy to report and resolve issues. Simply locate the asset within the platform, and open an issue ticket in the relevant category, which will be automatically routed to the relevant person / department.

Integrations & API

Intelocate is built to integrate with your existing tools through API*, ensuring up-to-date data is always available – perfect for organizations that already have a “system of truth”, and want to avoid managing separate databases simultaneously.
More About Integrations

  • Location APIs

    If your location data is already managed elsewhere, Intelocate can integrate* with this system to ensure that the correct and relevant information is available within Intelocate when you need it.

  • People APIs

    Intelocate offers potential* integration with your existing HR systems, ensuring that staff locations are always up to date – particularly useful for location transfers.

*Please Note: Intelocate requires API be available in order to integrate with third party platforms.

Vendor Management

Intelocate allows you to add vendors as users to the platform, without additional cost. You decide what they can access, and have the option of setting them up as email users only via SMARTmail. This versatility allows you to have full control over how vendors use the system.
  • SMARTemail

    With our SMARTemail feature, users or vendors can respond to tasks or issue tickets directly from their email, with replies automatically categorized within Intelocate, making it simple to engage more users and optimize operations.
  • Vendor Budget Management

    Request quotes directly from vendors, which can be used to assign task budgets to be included in the Financial Reports by Location report. This budget information is hidden from the vendor, but remains visible to system administrators and assigned users.


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Intelocate is packed full of powerful features to help you streamline your multi-location business – check out some of our other key features below.

Create tasks and projects assigned to individuals, groups, locations, or your entire organization.
Create custom categories to track issues across all locations, and assign issues to staff or external partners.
All communications are conveniently logged to the relevant task or issue ticket, allowing for full transparency.


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Having full visibility with one dashboard definitely improves efficiencies!


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It’s a 24/7 tool for our stores to log any kind of operations issues.


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Idiot-proof. I can turn around queries at least 50% faster, if not more.


Retail Ops Manager

It’s a one stop shop – you login once and see everything right away.


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