Canadian innovator Intelocate boosts operational efficiency at HMV, Denby Pottery, Office Outlet

Press Release - September 12, 2018 - Toronto  

Canadian innovator Intelocate announced that its web-based communication and execution management system has enabled a major increase in productivity and work performance at British retailers HMV, Denby Pottery and Office Outlet (formerly Staples U.K.). These three companies pioneered the use of the Intelocate system in the U.K. and reported immediate improvements in productivity, workflow and day-to-day issue resolution.

“Intelocate has been absolutely massive for us at HMV in terms of reducing workload and simplifying how we deal with contacts from our retail stores. It also has been useful for our stores to see how quickly issues have been dealt with and to have full visibility of those issues at all times. A number of our supplier partners, having used Intelocate, now also use the system to manage the activity they provide to HMV stores across the country,” said Rupert Banning-Lover, Central Operations Manager of HMV (U.K.).

“In some instances, the use of the Intelocate system resulted in 10 times faster issue resolution and 50% savings in management time. Intelocate’s technology enables unprecedented visibility of where the issues are and better analysis of their resolution which is important for all businesses in a period when efficiency of operation is becoming more and more relevant,” said Paul McGowan, executive chairman of Hilco Capital, which owns HMV, Denby Pottery and Office Outlet.

“We believe we have created a brand-new product category in communications, execution, workflow optimization and management of multi-location businesses,” said Intelocate CEO Yulia Vasilyeva. “Our agnostic technology combines the industry-specific tools of traditional collaboration with wider product management platforms, enabling easy application of a holistic approach in the management of any business with multiple locations. It allows unprecedented transparency and easy monitoring of workflow processes from one place. We are thrilled that Intelocate helped these iconic brands get tangible and immediate results in workload optimization.”

Toronto-based technology company Intelocate launched its web-based communication and execution system in May 2017. Currently it is supporting 25,000 location-based activities for seven enterprise customers with a total of 18,000 locations in North America and in Europe.

The Intelocate system is a highly versatile collaboration platform developed to stimulate improvements in operational efficiency and management of any business with multiple locations through more effective issue-based communication. Major applications of the technology to date include the enhancement of facilities management activities, retail operations execution and performance improvement in sales and marketing activities.

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