Release Update - April 18, 2019


No new features in this release.


Email Notifications

  • New Tasks Summary Notification will now display (Via… ) in the Submitted by field, if another name is provided to create an Issue.

Actions Module

  • Under the Sort and Filters panel, Newest is now the default Sort option.

  • Default Action Types

    • Actions are now categorized with default Action types to suit the needs of your business operation. You can edit the type at anytime after an Action has been created by modifying it on the Edit Action page. Below indicates Intelocate’s default Action types:

      • Task - Quick Task or New Project

      • Issue - Create Issue

    • Action Type column is available on the Actions page by enabling it using the Column Filter option located at the far right of the page.

    • The Sort and Filters panel is also updated to include different sorting options. For example:

      • Issues created by me

      • Issues assigned by me

      • Issues assigned to me

      • Tasks created by me

      • Tasks assigned by me

      • Tasks assigned to me

  • The Overall Status will now automatically change from New to Overdue, if the End Date field is populated and is less than or equal to the present date.


Android Application

  • We have fixed various bugs related to the core functionality of the mobile application.

Dashboard Module

  • The Calendar Widget will display the number of locations associated to a parent task.

Actions Module

  • A category’s priority level pre-configured on the Category Builder will now reflect on the new Quick Task page.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁