Release Update - April 19, 2018


Action Module

  • Creating a subtask directly from a parent task will inherit the parent task's populated fields.
subtask 1.png
subtask 2.png
  • You are now able to add additional forms after a task is created.
add form.png


Dashboard Module

  • Store and Regional Managers role only - The calender widget will now display a blue dot for task's start date, red dot for end date and orange dot for start and end date tasks that are on the same day.

Action Module

  • Task's forms that are created on the Android mobile application can now be edited on web browsers. 

Create Quick Task

  • In the Create Quick Task window, Task approver field will only appear if Yes is selected for Does task need to be approved field.

Location Module

  • A red notification line will now appear for updated planograms in the asset subtab.

Automated Email Notification

  • New order email notification's subject line includes the location and organization name.


Dashboard Module

  • The Status and Map widgets will now properly display contents even if there are zero tasks.

Action Module

  • People subtab page will open normally for all tasks in the Action module.
  • In a parent task, the total number of assigned users for different child tasks will properly display on the People subtab.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁


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