Release Update - April 5, 2018


Action Module

  • Parent-child relationship has been introduced when multiple locations are assigned in a Quick Task. Each location will be treated as a child task and the parent task will absorb and summarize all children's tasks information.
quick task_parent-child relationship.png
  • A message icon is introduced in the Message subtab of the parent task where there are multiple children tasks. The message icon summarizes the total number of messages that are exchanged in each child task.

conversation icon.png
  • You can now remove attachments directly from the Attachment subtab. Previously, attachments can only be removed by deleting the attachment message in the Message subtab.

remove attachment.png
  • By hovering your cursor on top of the paper plane icon, you can now view the notification message sent to the assigned user. The notification will display the sender and time the message was sent.
paper plane.png

Create Quick Task

  • For users who are taking advantage of the cross-organizational feature, you can now select different organization when creating Quick Task, Subtask and Report and Issue entities.

Org drop down.png


Location Module

  • Under the Attachments subtab, UI has been updated to display and categorize the attachment’s association. For example, attachments under issues or related assets group.

Reports - Order History

  • The Intelocate issue number on the report is now hyperlinked to the Actions module. When you select the number it will bring you to the detailed task information page.
  • The location search field now includes the following parameters - location name, account number, tag, country, province and state.
  • Under the Dispatched Orders tab, Order Confirmed column is now included at the end of the report. The field displays when it was confirmed and by whom.

Reports - Customer Display Stands

  • In the location field, the address is hyperlinked to the Location module. When you select the address it will bring you to the detailed location information page.

  • Freeze pane for the column titles is now enabled. You can now scroll down the report and the column titles will be fixated.

  • Average Sales / all displays and Country Average Sales / all displays fields have been removed.

Automated Email Notification

  • The automated order email notification message will now display organization, location, account number, phone and address information.

Android Mobile Application

  • In the offline mode, you can now tap the message notification and read the message without logging in again.

  • On the home screen, a high priority task will now display a red title text. Low and medium will continue to display a blue title text.

  • On the home screen, a red bar on the left side of the task’s title will display whenever a new message is received.


Action Module

  • The View button to view each child-task message is now centred in the Message subtab under a parent task.

  • The Attachment subtab under a parent task will now properly display the total count of all uploaded attachments from all child tasks.

  • The in-field text in the Requested by* field will now properly display the full texts.

  • The main task attachment category is now locked at the top of the Attachment subtab.

Message Module

  • Each conversation will now display the proper number of attachments that are still available in the conversation.

Location Module

  • You can now see the total number of attachments are associated to a task that is assigned to a specific location. Different tasks with the same location will be categorized by task name.


  • In any conversations, when a long message has reached the limit within the line it will no longer chop off the text and insert it into the next line. Instead, the entire text will be inserted into the line.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁


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