Release Update - April 9, 2019


Actions Module

  • You will now be able to cycle through any task attachments using an attachment carousel to avoid opening each attachment as a separate browser tab. On each page you will have the option to download or share it.

1. Carousel - Attachment.png


Actions Module

  • On an action detail page, the Vendor-related fields will now display when you expand the Actuals section.

  • If a user is only assigned to a sub-task, the parent task link in the breadcrumb will be greyed out on the action detail page.

  • Form sub-tab:

    • Users will now see a red-dot notification on a task’s form sub-tab, as well as a red line underneath a form once it is updated. Actions include newly added, saved in draft, or form submission. You can only clear a notification if you open a notified form.

    • In the next release, we will include a red dot notification at the Action level as well.

    • Once a form is submitted it will display a green checkmark.

Reports Module

  • Issue Report - we have included a new optional Start Time and End Time fields, where you can query a specific time frame of a specific date range. These two fields are dependent on both Start Day and Start Day fields.


Dashboard Module

  • We have optimized widgets’ loading spinner to retrieve faster results.

Configuration Module

  • One-Click Response - on the response configuration page, texts will now carry over to the next line if the message is too long.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁