Release Update - August 28, 2018


Actions Module

  • We have introduced a new multiple group chat functionality where multiple private group conversations can be created. With this new update, a task will now have a default conversation called, "General chat". This group conversation is available to other administrators and assigned chat participants from the task's assignee list.
General chat.png
  • A task creator and any administrators who have access to a task can create a private group conversation; chat participants will only include task creator and assigned task's assignees.
  • Once a private group conversation is created, it will only be available between the group chat creator and assigned chat participants.
  • Attachments:
    • General chat - Attachments that are sent in the General chat will be available in both the group chat and the Attachments sub-tab. If the chat group creator decides new chat participants will not have access to historical messages, including attachments, then they will not see any attachments in the conversation and Attachments sub-tab.
    • Private group chat(s) - Attachments that are sent in a private group conversation will only be available in that private group, and only the chat participants will have access to it.
new chat.png
  • In the group conversation edit window a group chat creator can determine if a new chat participant can view historical messages that were exchanged before the chat participant was added.
chat history.png


Action Module

  • The attachment markup window is now available on every page where it has the attachment field.
  • We have updated the external shareable attachment link by including the task's name and number in the header.
  • Once a task has been completed or cancelled, the add assets icon will be hidden on the Assets sub-tab. If you want to add additional assets to the closed task, then you will have to re-open the task by switching the status back to New.

Reports Module

  • The Orders History report will now include a task's status and sub-status.


Action Module

  • On the external shareable attachment link, we have removed the incorrect field that synchronized with the description field.

Reports Module

  • The Orders History report will now also display customer name and location information for Issue / Quick Tasks that have assets associated to it.


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