Release Update - August 9, 2018


Actions Module

  • You can now create confidential tasks that are only visible to you, task creator, and task assignees. Even if there are other admins in the same organization, they will not be able to see it unless they are assigned to the tasks. The confidential feature is available on both Report Issue and Quick Task pages and is accessible at the bottom of the task creation page. And any sub-tasks created directly from the parent task will be confidential.
    • A confidential task is distinguishable with a lock icon in front of the task name. 
confdiential task.png

Configuration Module

  • We are pleased to announce the launch of the Configuration Module in Intelocate. This page will empower admins to manage any system-wide settings.
  • Category Builder - our first configurable feature, which provides the flexibility to manage any levels of category issues for your organization. 
    config module.png
    category builder.png
    • Once you select the Category Builder feature, you will see a category tree already populated with your organization's categories. You can see existing or create new sub-category by selecting the dropdown arrows.
    builder tree.png
    • When creating a new category, you are in full control of how you want to name it, how it looks, and apply any organization's specific category requirements. You can choose any icon for your category by accessing our library icon, and any new icons will be periodically uploaded to the library.
    create category.png


    Location/People Modules

    • When assigning an asset to a location or person, you can now search for assets of a specific asset category instead of seaching the entire assets list.


    System Wide

    • We have fixed the checkboxes UI in Sort and Filter.


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