Release Update - December 21, 2018


Actions Module

  • You can now download a snapshot of your task details in a PDF file, and contains the following information:

    • Basic task information, such as name, number, category, and location

    • Entire history of the timeline summary

    • List of assignees

    • List of thumbnail view of attachments

PDF export.png


Reports Module

  • Checklists - remaining clients will now be able to see the CSV download dropdown option.


Self Service

  • Administrators or other roles that can see unassigned tasks will now be able to subscribe / unsubscribe categories accordingly in the Task notification filter window. Please note that there is a UI bug where pre-existing categories are being displayed as unchecked. This bug will be worked on next week.

Person Module

  • We have fixed a minor bug with the Tag field in users profile.

Reports Module

  • Checklists - the PDF generator can now display and extract all new fields and data that are built from the Form Builder.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁


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