Release Update - February 7, 2019


Configuration Module - Form Builder

  • We are introducing two new fields on the form builder:

    • File Upload - enable your assignees to upload attachments directly from the form. Saved or submitted attachments will appear under the Attachments sub-tab, and can only be removed from the form itself.

    • Counter - sum up calculation values from multiple fields that are enabled with the ability to input a calculation value. The following fields are supported with calculation values configuration: multiple choice, single choice, dropdown, scale rating, and yes / no. A Counter field can display different messages based on conditional logics you apply.

upload file.png


Dashboard Module

  • Administrators will no longer see the Locations widget on the dashboard and will be replaced with the Calendar widget.


Actions Module

  • Task chat notifications on the timeline will no longer be grouped together even if messages were exchanged within a few seconds.

  • The ability to change attachment file names on the attachment markup window will be temporarily disabled due to a bug that we are currently fixing. This feature will be enabled again once a fix becomes available.

  • Fixed the task chat breadcrumbs.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁