Release Update - June 14, 2018


Actions Module

  • An Assets icon has been added in the Assets subtab for Order Task. This feature will allow you to include additional orders within the same task.
asset icon.png



System Wide

  • The breadcrumb trails for all modules are now properly displaying the previous page you have navigated through to get to the current page.

Actions Module

  • After an order is placed and task created for it, you can change and modify the order status and quantity.

Person Module

  • We have added an Assets icon on person's summary card in the Persons Module. This is to reflect the number of assets that have been assigned to them.

Reports Module

  • ask's budget and actuals financial information have been added to the Issue CSV Report. Also, certain fields have been repositioned to better showcase grouping of related fields.
  • Client specific: Under the Patrol Report, Organization, Location, and Officer dropdown fields have been replaced with a search field


Android Mobile Application

  • The task header will now properly display the entire header texts when it's too long.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁


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