Release Update - May 17, 2018


Action Module

  • You can now add additional assignees under the Assignee tab in the Actions Module.
add person.png
  • Client specific: Under the Assets subtab in the Location Module, a new asset order status called Missing has been added.


Assets Module

  • Related Assets, Locations, and People icons are now centred properly in the Related Assets Group section.
  • In the Related Assets Group section, when a user types in an asset name in the Choose Assets* field, it will now display "Loading..." when the system is listing the asset name.

Location Module

  • We have optimized content delivery within the Timeline subtab by displaying the first 100 events upon landing on the subtab. Once the last content is displayed, the system will display another set of 100 events. We will apply the same enhancement for other modules and subtabs in future releases.
  • The Timeline subtab will now display checkpoint, location, and sublocation inside the Checkpoint Verified notification when a user uses the Android mobile application to checkin at a location.

Automated Email Notification

  • New order shipped email notification's subject line includes the store number, store and organization name.


System Wide

  • The header in all subtabs is now properly spaced.
  • Tablet mode on browser: we have added the missing profile icon subtab in Actions, Locations, People and Assets Modules.

Location Module

  • When sub-assets are repositioned in a Related Assets Group, it will now be reflected under the Assets tab in the Locations Module.

Reports Module

  • Distorted PDF checklist reports have now been fixed.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁


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