Release Update - November 21, 2018


Reports Module - Issues Reports

  • 3 new parameters on the Issues reporting page will be introduced in this update:

    • Category, sub-category, and issue

    • Locations

    • People

issues report.png
  • A light version of the Issues report can also be downloaded in a PDF format, in addition to the CSV file. The only available fields will be:

    • Issue number

    • Issue name

    • Category/subcategory

    • Priority

    • Status

    • Date time

    • Assigned to

    • Description


Actions Module

  • Our email response parsing tool has been improved to capture email responses back into the platform as accurate as possible, by excluding any previous responses including email signatures.

Reports Module

  • We have updated the Patrol report to categorize patrolled data by location(s) and/or patrolling user(s). Each category section will display the total number of tapped NFC fields and time on-site.

  • We have included Start and End Date fields on the Issues report.


Actions Module

  • Inactive users will no longer be assigned to a task when the task is assigned to a location thatโ€™s associated to the said inactive users.

Android Mobile Application

  • In both online and offline modes, users will now only be able to see and select locations that they are associated to on both Check In and Log Issue pages.

  • Currently, signatures on a submitted form do not appear on the mobile application, but they do display on the desktop browser. This UI bug will be fixed in the next release.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! ๐Ÿ˜


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