Release Update - November 29, 2018


System Wide

  • A new 403 error page will display to users who don't have access to a page such as, but not limited to, accessing a direct task details URL, if they’re not an assignee.

  • All roles, except Officer role, can edit their own sent messages. A user with administrator role can edit any roles’ messages. Once a message is edited, it will display “Edited” beside the timestamp.

edit message.png
edited message.png
  • On the new user profile creation page, an administrator can now decide if a welcome email, containing password creation link, should be sent out to the new user.

welcome email.png
  • In the Category Builder, administrators are now empowered to determine when forgotten tasks notifications should be sent out. As a reminder, this notification only applies to unchanged statuses in In Progress, Overdue, and Pending Approval.

task reminder.png


Actions Module

  • We have updated the sort and filter list in a cross-organization setting. Previously, all category names were clumped together that belonged to different organizations. With this update, category names are now grouped by organization names.

  • We have included some improvements to task notifications in a cross-organization setting.

  • If a task’s start date is present, task chat notifications will only be sent out to assignees if the start date is equal to or before the system date.

Locations Module

  • Saved sub-locations names can now be modified in the Sub-locations sub-tab by selecting the 3-dot icon.


Actions Module

  • Deleting an attachment from the attachment sub-tab will no longer delete an entire message group in a task chat.

  • Overall status field will no longer get stuck in “Overdue” if the End Date is changed to a future date. Instead, it will go back to the previous status.

Locations Module

  • Updated how the address field is managed if a country name is not present.


Woohoo! Intelocate is operating smoothly! 😁


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