Release Update - September 7, 2018


Actions Module

  • When you delete a task with dispatched assets that are assigned to a location or person, they will be completely removed from the system. To ensure you are deleting a task correctly, Intelocate will display a warning message to confirm your action.
warning message.png


Action Module

  • We have enhanced the Actuals feature in a task enabling users to modify saved information. At the moment, you can only modify Vendor, Date, Invoice #, Description, Hrs, and Cost fields. Future enhancements will include the ability to modify Financial Period and Name fields, and the ability to completely delete saved Actuals information.

Configuration Module

  • On the Category Builder page, the Organization dropdown field has been removed in a cross-organizational setup until they are requested by you.

Android Application

  • When checking into a location, you are no longer required to submit a photo. The photo submission/attachment field is now optional.


Action Module

  • Previously, the number of sub-tasks that can be displayed under a parent task was limited to only 50. We have improved the pagination framework to display any number of created sub-tasks.
  • On the Actions list page, column width will be truncated accordingly when any columns are removed.


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