“We use Intelocate as a communication tool between the stores and support centre. The system allows stores to raise issues to various departments and for the Support Centre to pull together collations. It’s very easy to use and make updates. Definitely improves efficiencies…really great to have visibility of all stores and their issues within one dashboard.”

Lyndsey, Retail Support Centre, Office Outlet (Formerly Staples UK)

Intelocate manages all aspects of a distributed store network. In a hub-and-spoke model of operations there are a myriad of actions and issues that need to be addressed on a daily basis across stores, regional teams, vendors, contractors, and internal departments.

Intelocate for Store Operations simplifies the management of various day-to-day activities by bringing everything, including communications that usually live in email and chats, in one place. Our retail customers use Intelocate for managing different aspects of their operations, various departments interact with Intelocate and significantly reduce their workload. Below are some of the examples of what Intelocate is used for in the retail environment:

  • Planned Maintenance

  • Emergency Management & Maintenance

  • Marketing Management

  • Health and Safety

  • Security & Risk Management

  • Loss Prevention

  • Store Marketing

  • IT Support

  • HR Support

  • Store Training

  • Asset Management

  • Various Compliance Audits, PAT (Portable Appliance Certifications), GDPR Audits and etc.

  • Vendor / Supplier Management

Key Benefits

  • Top Down visibility into the daily execution and performance of different departments

  • Trends and Analysis of mission critical incidents

  • Documenting all activities history as a safeguard against insurance claims

  • Increased Engagement across the organization

  • 50% Reduction in time spent on daily store contacts management

  • 11x improvement in response times and resolutions