Retail Issue Resolution and Task Management Software

Intelocate offers retail operations full visibility into the issues, tasks, and communications across all stores, departments, and vendors.

A Full-Cycle Retail Operations Platform

Using Intelocate means having more visibility and accountability across your entire organization. You’ll have the ability to set up one-time or recurring tasks to each store in only minutes with the ability to communicate and track each location’s progress.


With an easy to use issue management feature, your store’s managers and employees will become more proficient in logging issue tickets. This will lead to improved operational standards and a happier workplace.

Intelocate Product Highlights

Intelocate can be used in a number of different ways. However, here are some common use cases that come from our existing Retail clients:

Bulk Task Creation

Intelocate gives you the power to easily create bulk tasks (either one-off or recurring) within minutes, saving you hours of time each day. Once deployed, you can track the progress of each individual location with the ability to send bulk messages to those that have yet to complete the task within the allocated time frame.

Location-Based Tracking

Tracking the activity of each location is simple to do with Intelocate. Our platform breaks down each location and shows you how many issue tickets and tasks there are and what status they are currently in. Additionally, employees can be registered to a specific location(s) so that they only manage operations with the store they work at.

Marketing Execution

Want to ensure that marketing initiatives are being implemented properly? Intelocate makes this simple and extremely effective. Creating tasks with clear guidelines and custom check-lists (including photo uploads) gives you complete control over the quality and timeliness of your marketing programs. Additionally, stores can report broken or outdated displays as they see them.

Loss Prevention

Intelocate simplifies any loss prevention processes. This is accomplished by allowing stores to report anything to do with stolen merchandise, theft, or security issues straight to the right people internally. The end result is a more transparent loss prevention process with immediate notifications and complete transparency.