Centralize Operations and Streamline Issue Resolution Across Locations

  • Everything you need to run operations
  • No more disparate communications
  • Manage locations, tasks and issues
  • Resolve problems faster

Put everyone on the same page

Intelocate is the first operations platform that is specifically designed for the complexity of a multi-location business. It empowers head office departments, regional teams, location staff and even external vendors to coordinate efforts to solve problems by combining the modern, chat-based style of communicating with sophisticated issue and task management.

Save Time, Money and Brainpower

Be up-and-running in a matter of days without the need to change existing processes… That’s what Business technology should be. While many companies have exciting tools for the front line, the back office is often left using systems designed for one particular department, resulting in a LOT of redundant work. Intelocate is one single tool for everyone’s day-to-day.

Don’t miss a message

Intelocate gives you a unified view of all your business projects, tasks and issues across every location. Get real time updates to quickly track what has been seen, who is working on them and how they’re progressing. Spend time tracking the issue, not building or maintaining a tracker.

Proactively manage issue resolution

Companies that use Intelocate see the speed of issue resolution increase by a factor of 11x. Capture all communications relating to a specific issue in one place to save time searching through emails, texts and paper trails and get to the resolution faster. Upload and share images to demonstrate completion.

Gain visibility into performance everywhere

Gain detailed insights into what's happening in your organization. See trends of issues that occur across locations and how different departments deal with issues and projects. Extrapolate best practices and help those who are falling behind improve. Use trends to anticipate issues.

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3.7 Million

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Faster issue resolution

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