Intelocate and iQmetrix Partnership

The Intelocate and iQmetrix partnership brings strong complementary solutions to one of our key customer verticals, the wireless carriers, and dealers. Forged in the summer of 2020, the alliance drives the integration of iQmetrix’s industry-leading intelligent retail solutions with IntelocateRETAIL®’s innovative and unique task processing, issue resolution, and centralized communications platform for stores, field management, and headquarters’ departments.


“We are very excited to partner with iQmetrix,” said Yulia Vasilyeva, CEO of Intelocate. “It is most beneficial for iQmetrix’s customer base to make their retail processes more efficient with a platform that effectively manages issue resolutions by driving centralized communication and task assignments.”


Intelocate enables all departments in organizations to track, measure, and understand the full lifecycle of each issue, at each location. Real-time visibility into performance metrics enables execution measurement against key performance indicators as well as comparative analyses and operational insights. Intelocate takes pride in helping reduce the task processing time by an average of 80% and resolving work issues twice as fast.


iQmetrix has been providing intelligent retail management software to the wireless industry for 20 years. Intelocate is proud to be selected as its partner to deliver issue resolution, task management, and centralized communications on a single platform to iQmetrix’s clients.


The Intelocate and iQmetrix partnership adds value to wireless retailers, dealers, and carriers in both customer-facing and internal operations.


For the customers, benefits include:

  • enhanced customer in-store experience;
  • faster transaction completion; and
  • improved customer service.


For internal operations, there are faster and more efficient processes on:

  • product and solution offering and launch;
  • merchandising; and
  • location to HQ requests, issue reporting, and task action.


Both companies are committed to bringing the best of the partnership to their customers.



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